Academies and Schools (CIF Bid Assistance)

Academies and Schools (CIF Bid Assistance)

The change to the structure of education over the past three years has been remarkable with a large number of secondary schools changing to academy status and primary schools now also choosing the freedoms that academy status provides.

Taking responsibility for property and wider management issues gives Head Teachers greater ownership,and the opportunity to innovate, raise standards and transform their schools. However it also brings new responsibilities that require focus. For many, this is the first time property has become an area of responsibility and having a reliable professional support service to call on gives greater peace of mind.

Much of the inherited property can be in need of investment or replacement. Naylors Gavin Black Building Consultancy can provide support in accessing capital grants and other funding streams to address these needs.

Academy funding can be utilised for academy maintenance and repair, to ensure facilities are up to date and ready to meet future curriculum needs. Being able to access the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is a key academy benefit. To ensure that the maximum funding is obtained for your Academy site our reports will identify all necessary repairs that possess a clear ‘need’ along with a robust budget cost as this is a key element of a successful bid.

Our team has expertise in the education sector as well as preparing robust applications for funding support for academies, helping to ensure that clients have the best possible chance of success. We are currently preparing applications for the next funding round.