Tenant Alterations

Tenant Alterations

During the occupation of a premises, a number of alterations may have been undertaken by the tenant.

If during the course of the Lease, the granted Licence for Alterations is inadequate or unclear, it may mean that on termination of the lease, the reinstatement provisions may not be deemed valid.  This can result in a situation where the tenant will not be legally obligated to carry out the reinstatement of their alterations.  This can have serious consequences and may result in the Landlord taking on the responsibility to reinstate the property. Depending on the extent of the alterations the asset’s value may also be compromised.

As dilapidations specialists, our team of chartered surveyors we have extensive experience of working for both landlords and tenants, managing the complex issues that surround tenant alterations throughout the occupancy of the property.

With a thorough understanding of the construction process, we have strong in-house capability (including M&E) to deal with the technical and contractual aspects of large-scale tenant alterations. This includes:

  • Assessing the design and specification of all proposed alterations
  • Monitoring the works on sitefor quality and compliance
  • Advising on the wider issues that surround alterations
  • Ensuring that appropriate documentation is in place so that the property is correctly reinstated