Statutory and Compliance Surveys

Statutory and Compliance Surveys

Within our team of team of chartered surveyors, we have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with detailed compliance reports; from Fire Risk Assessments to Access Audits. We utilise our knowledge of current legislation to ensure we offer the correct advice. From this we are also able to administer the compliance works to ensure your property meets with current regulations.


Fire Risk Assessment

Fire certificates have been abolished and cease to have affect, and there is now a legal requirement for a fire risk assessment to be carried out on your premises.

The new Fire Safety Order implemented under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) will effectively repeal all previous Acts, and the burden of Fire Safety Provisions will now be the ‘responsible persons’ liability to carry out a comprehensive fire risk assessment.


Access Audits

Access Audits provide an important first-step towards conforming to equality and disability discrimination legislation under The Equality Act 2010.

We work with our clients to achieve the best and most cost-effective solution to address your access needs. We will also advise what reasonable measures are required to help you comply with the Equality Act 2010 allowing you to achieve safe disabled access and egress and best practice solutions for your property.


Health & Safety Audits

The purpose of a Health & Safety Audit is to establish if there are any potential Health & Safety breaches within the external and internal areas of the property which could impose a liability on the Landlord. The report goes on to provide recommendations for any physical alterations and management actions required to improve or remove these risks to the occupiers, users or visitors.

The common risks we assess and report on in a Health & Safety Audit include:

  1. Risk to members of the public and trespassers entering the property and being injured or causing malicious damage.
  2. Risk of injury or death from vehicle movements.
  3. Risk due to fires from malicious damage or accident.
  4. Risks of injury or death due to poor maintenance or inadequate housekeeping.