How a Chartered Building Surveyor can help commercial property owners

Tuesday 20th March 2018
How a Chartered Building Surveyor can help commercial property owners

Our specialist team of Chartered Building Surveyors spend a significant proportion of time assisting commercial property owners in acquiring and managing business premises, whether it be an office, retail premises or industrial unit.

In our experience, the advice received from a Chartered Building Surveyor during the complex stages of a commercial property transaction and throughout its ownership can be invaluable.

Identifying and dealing with defects is an important part of our role at every stage of a client’s interest in a property and one that is not only relevant to older properties. We have come across new buildings where defects have arisen within two years of construction due to an incompatibility of materials.

Commercial properties are often constructed using a variety of materials, including metal and composite cladding systems and glazed curtain wall systems fixed to a supporting structure. Even if the property looks like a typical brick construction from the outside, the concealed supporting structure may be something more complex, such as a steel or reinforced concrete frame. Each of these materials create their own unique problems and interact with each other in a variety of ways.

Avoiding a property with hidden problems, as well as sensibly maintaining a building after you’ve moved in, are essential measures for any property owner. It is a fact of life that all buildings deteriorate over time and any action which can be undertaken to manage this will be financially beneficial in the long term, saving costly repair bills in the future.

A commercial survey of your property, for planned and preventative maintenance purposes, will identify both the inevitable (planned) defects that will occur and also those (preventable) issues that can be avoided by undertaking minor maintenance, which is particularly relevant in the area of building services. It is vital to inspect your services assets such as boilers, air conditioning, drainage, and lifts, draw up a long term maintenance and replacement programme and then implement it. This will improve the energy efficiency and reliability of the equipment and ensure conditions within your property are as comfortable as possible. Crucially, it will also help you to forecast expenditure and avoid any unexpected costs.

The insight of a Chartered Building Surveyor will help you identify the problems which are unique to your property and prevent you from making a flawed investment. By engaging our experienced team, we will tailor our expertise and approach to ensure your needs are met, working closely with you at all stages of your project.

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