Building Information Modelling – Scan to BIM

Building Information Modelling – Scan to BIM

BIM has been rapidly gaining uptake as the benefits of implementing it on a construction project have been realised. This has mainly been through time and cost savings resulting from:

  • Reduction in errors and clashes between design and on site construction
  • An increase in productivity through improved coordination between the design team members.
  • Enables greater understanding of planned versus actual
  • Highly accurate as-built survey data

By using the latest 3D laser scanning equipment we are able to deliver fast and accurate survey information into a BIM-ready model. Our team utilise a variety of 3D modelling software such as Autodesk Revit, Recap and CAD to generate a 3D model directly from the Point Cloud.

Prior to commencing with the production of an eBIM there are many considerations to be given to the specification of the final BIM model. The key elements to consider are:

  • Level of detail to be shown – i.e. what to include and exclude from the model. This is discussed further in ‘Level of Detail’, additional information can also be gathered from the client by establishing the Level of Detail to be provided on an element basis.
  • Accuracy of the model in relation to the survey point cloud data