Church Street, Durham

Full Building Survey
Church Street, Durham


Instruction: Full Building Survey
Industry: Higher Education
Experience Gained : Construction, Building Pathology, Historic Buildings, Budget Costing


  • To undertake a comprehensive survey of four residential listed properties within Durham city centre which were earmarked by Durham University for comprehensive redevelopment and refurbishment, creating student accommodation. 
  • The purpose of the report was to provide an overview of the condition of the building’s fabric, highlighting any defects we considered required addressing as part of the redevelopment works. Budget cost information could then be formed to establish whether adequate funds were available for the project.
  • The properties comprise four 3 storey terraced buildings used formally for residential purposes located to the Eastern side of Durham City Centre. Over the years the properties had been converted for use as student accommodation; however, they now lies vacant.


  • Undertake a compressive inspection of the buildings and external areas identifying the construction type and nature of the elements. 
  • Identify the defects, recommending possible remedial action and further investigations.


  • As a result of the report Durham University could understand the necessary repairs required in order ensure the buildings were watertight prior to undertaking the proposed refurbishment works. 
  • Our report emphasised the requirement for comprehensive repairs, which included; the need to replace the roof structure due to the decay and insect attack to the timbers, replace all rendered parts of the property and uncovered structural issues and damp problems. 
  • Our report allowed Durham University to assess fully whether they could justify the capital expenditure for the proposals.